Sometimes I wish artists could know the influence their work would have generations after their time, specifically when I'm singing a song from 50 years ago or looking at the tiny signatures on paintings in a gallery.  

I stumbled upon JACQUES HENRI LARTIGUE's work recently.  He was a midcentury French Photographer.  I'd recognized some of the images but it was really nice to see a larger collection and get a sense for his style.  I can't get over the colours and feel of his later work. It's really quite beautiful. 

I read an article about how many of us believe we're failing at life if we don't have success by a certain age.  What we don't realize is that many people don't achieve this until later in life.  This guy is a perfect example.  His work wasn't recognized until the age of 69! 

Little tid-bit. He was also a big inspiration for Wes Anderson, who's style I also adore!  Big tid bit. He had three wives and a mistress.  THIS GUY! 

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