This is a good question. Why?

It's not to spout off about my latest editorial spread, or advertisement on a billboard. Not to brag about what award we might have recently scored...although we're really proud of all these things.

I think the need for this outlet is to sometimes give a little more history or insight to an image or an idea. Maybe even some of the important people we meet and inspire us. Something more in depth than Instagram or Facebook. This space will allow for so much more info.

So with this brief post it's a good feeling to bring back 'Where Is Jim Now?'

What happened to it? Unfortunately the old serving platform that hosted the previous incarnation of the blog ceased to exist, and before I could grab all the content it's all disappeared. Years of post gone in an instant....which I guess is always a risk when it only exists in the 'cloud'.

So check in every so often. I'll be sure to cross post new entries to Instagram & Facebook so you know there is something new to check out.